Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Nabtesco Marine Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (hereafter ‘“Nabtesco” ’) realizes the importance of protecting personal data. In order to safely and appropriately accomplish this, we will do our utmost to protect personal data according to the following principles.

  1. Concerning the observance of laws and standards
    In carrying out the business of managing private documents, Nabtesco observes the guidelines laid out in the PDPA as well as follows the articles set out in our official company regulations. We pay the most careful attention when handling personal data.
  2. Concerning the acquisition, use, and presentation of personal data
    When acquiring personal data, we take into account “Company Name’s size, system, and scope of operations in order to determine and achieve the objectives of acquisition in the most efficient manner. We conduct our work by fair and lawful methods.
    In order to provide the best service possible, Nabtesco may consign the handling of personal data to an outside source. In these cases, we select a consignment firm recognized for appropriate personal data management and after concluding a contract with provisions for personal data management, confidentiality maintenance, disclosure prohibition, and leakage prevention enforce adequate data management.
    Excluding cases where disclosure has been mandated by law or requested by public authorities such as courts or police, Nabtesco will never disclose personal data to any third party other than the consignment firm without the client’s consent.
  3. Concerning personal data management
    Nabtesco designates a personal data protection manager and, along with appropriately managing personal data, does its best to ensure none of the data is leaked.
    To prevent the leakage or destruction of personal data as a result of unauthorized access or computer viruses, Nabtesco has drawn up appropriate security measures for prevention and revision.
  4. Concerning complaints and consultations on personal data
    Excluding cases that would greatly disrupt our business or endanger life, person, or property, Nabtesco will swiftly address any complaints or consultations brought forth by our client. Nabtesco will immediately look into any client requests for deletion or revision of personal data. If there is due cause, the deletion or revision will be executed immediately.
  5. Concerning the establishment and continual improvement of a management system for personal data protection
    In order to appropriately manage personal data, Nabtesco continually works to improve the development of our management system and strengthen company regulations, as well as our corporate structure.
  6. Contact information
    For inquiries on personal data please contact Nabtesco Marine Asia Pacific Pte Ltd:

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Shirley Yin